Sofia, Sing to Me

“There’s this lady you should meet her // She’s calling in the street // Inviting the attention of everyone she meets // Yet she seems to go unnoticed // By most who pass her by // Despite her best attempt to look us in the eye.” -Andy Rogers, Sophia Sing to Me Cold rain welcomed … More Sofia, Sing to Me

Searching for Dracula

“The world seems full of good men–even if there are monsters in it.” ― Bram Stoker, Dracula My original plan was to only go to the Transylvanian towns of Sibiu and Braşov. Then I wanted to add a stop to Izvorul Bigăr (Bigar Waterfall) in the southwest. In my original plan, I was going to simply rent a … More Searching for Dracula

Romanians vs. Romas, What’s the Difference?

“Everybody sees only his own dish.” – Romani Proverb There’s a whole ethnic group and subculture in Romania. Not only in Romania, but throughout many parts of Europe. There’s a people that remain outcasts from society. And theirs is a history of expulsion, persecution, and discrimination. If you’ve ever traveled to Europe, people will warn … More Romanians vs. Romas, What’s the Difference?

Little Town, Full of Little People

“I go to seek a great perhaps.” -John Green My journey between Paris and Vienna spanned across three countries and included three strikingly different cities. Despite residing in three different countries, each city had a common thread. Besides being of Germanic influence, they were all simply little towns. Strasbourg, France (Founded: 1262; Population: 270,000) To … More Little Town, Full of Little People