I kept seeing these small stickers all over parts of Prague (and then Paris).



I exist.

I tried to find what these stickers stood for, but with no such luck. The most I could make out is that they are a part of contemporary street art.  But these stickers touched me even further.

It’s a mantra that can last me all my life.


I exist.

It’s a reminder that I’m a person. With blood pumping through my veins.

I exist.

I am a being comprised of stardust and atoms of this finite universe.

I exist.

I exist because of a one in a billion chance.

There is no one with my same looks, my same history, my same thoughts.

No one has ever had this existence before me and no one will ever have this existence after me.

Yet, I exist.


I decide every single day how I choose to exist. And those I encounter choose how I exist in their lives.

Knowing that existence is fleeting…

How will you choose to exist?

Today. And the rest of your forever.




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